Our multidisciplinarity, reinforced by strong field experience, allows us to invest in

  • Research and management projects
  • applied training programs
  • scientific mediation projects for the marine environment

The association revolves around 3 major areas of expertise:


Contribute to knowledge by initiating and/or participating in research and development activities in marine biology and underwater exploration

Data acquisition

Technical and scientific consulting

Developing tools

Development of tools to support scientific monitoring and research

Hyperbaric operations


Promote exchanges between practitioners, supervisors, and professionals in diving and environment - Develop appropriate, evolving and specialized courses in field investigation

University education

Training sea workers

Training modules for field investigation, specific and tailor-made:

  • Learning and improvement on field protocols,
  • Technical and theoretical retraining on the evolution of practices, materials, knowledge and regulations

Training in scientific field work supervision

  • Logistics implementation
  • Fieldwork coordination
  • Safety and diving rules
  • Establish and inform the reports of interventions


Environmental scuba diving school

  • Technical and recreational diving training,
  • Combine environmental protection and safety for all,
  • Wide public: actors and users of the sea and the environment, schoolchildren, students, the general public, specific public (children, disabled divers...)

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Promoting exchange and action through field approach, environmental observation and communication. Ensuring that citizens are actors and spokespersons for their environment.

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Science and sea heritage

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