Clean shot on the Old Port !

A year ago FSN 13 worked to federate for a large-scale educational clean-up operation the nautical societies of the Old Port, the volunteer diving clubs and the associative world that work to promote the environment and environmental protection

Thus, this Saturday, 500 volunteers, including about a hundred divers, used collective energy to extract from the old port the waste accumulated on the bottom of the Old Port of Marseille. Domestic objects, unusual objects, the world of plastic, voluntary or blown away discharges, the layers are multiple and bottomless!

The operation is above all educational and makes possible, beyond the eco-citizen operation, to raise awareness and mobilize as many people as possible around the issue of pollution by waste and the preservation of our heritage.

Septentrion Environnement had been delegated the organization and coordination of all the diving clubs involved in the operation. What a pleasure to see the strong mobilization of the living forces gathered that day!

Thanks to the Fédération des Sociétés Nautiques des Bouches du Rhône for the initiative!

Congratulations to all the participants present on shore at the nautical societies and the village of associations!

Special congratulations to our companions of misfortune immersed in the unhealthy water of the old port: Un Océan de Vie de René HeuzeyProject rescue ocean, les clubs de plongée Moultiploufs, Plongée le Dantes'que, le club Sévignée de Port Miou, Marseille CôtéMer, les plongeurs de la gendarmerie maritime, les clubs de plongée Club de plongée Septentrion Environnement, des Pennes Mirabeau, Neptune Environnement, de Cadarache, de Callelongue et le Corail Club.

To hilight the presence of Dominique Tian  Didier Réault who came to face the underwater collectors' field.

Thanks to Florian Launette, Alexis rosenfeld, René Heuzey Jean-charles Granjon for bringing back testimonies of this event, from the Old port's sediments.

Thanks to Beuchata committed partner that follows us on all the grounds; the company had provided all the diving clubs with safety markings and lifting buoys!

To see pictures and press communication :

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